How We Got Started

It all started when one day while I was on my daily commute on the 405 and stuck in LA traffic. I looked outside the window and noticed many businesses – enterprise buildings, clothing stores, music stores, and so on. I thought to myself “how do these companies get business when nobody knows they’re here?”. Sure there’s the traditional brick and mortar method of marketing, but in reality, no one from San Francisco will ever see a music store located in Los Angeles. Now if they had a website with proper digital marketing, they could sell their CD’s, Instruments and Peripherals right online and never have to close! People from San Francisco, Tokyo, China and Russia can see a Los Angeles music store online and purchase goods directly from the website! Once I knew the power of Digital Marketing, I knew every business had to utilize it – and so Approach SEO was born.

Don’t Get Left Behind – The Future Is Online

Business Growth Without a Website & Digital Marketing


Business Growth With a Website & Digital Marketing


2022 Case Study

In Q1 of 2022 we had a  Los Angeles multi-national retail company approach us with a goal to increase their online search visibility and rank organically for their top main business keywords.

From the start we hit the ground running and drew them up a proof of concept for their new website design which was imperative and a monumental step up from their old website that was created back in 2017 and needed a good revamp in order to make it not only SEO friendly but also conversion optimized as well so the client could capitalize and convert the new increase in traffic they would be receiving from the SEO campaign.

Fast forward 6 months to June 2022.  The client’s organic search volume increased by over 350% and their sales pipeline and leads increased nearly 10 fold resulting in an increase of over $100,000+ in revenue in just 6 short months of working alongside our agency.

“Thank you Approach SEO for helping us not only increase our organic search traffic but also increase our sales pipline, revenue and also the huge cost savings from no longer needed to spend $50+ per click on PPC which has reduced our monthly advertising costs by nearly $10,000 all thanks to the natural organic traffic we are now receiving from our wonderful collaborating with your agency. – Ari, Diamond Auto Salon

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Our Main Focus Is Your Success. Our Marketing Strategies Are Solely Based On Achieving Your Goals The Fastest & Most Cost Effective Way.