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You don’t have to choose from the services below. Our specialists will analyze your website and your company goals and create a unique strategy perfectly catered to your  business.

Web Development

You have roughly 5-7 seconds to capture your visitor’s attention before he/she leaves your site. My sites are perfectly optimized to load FAST, are SEO semantic, and are compliant for Search Engines without w3c errors. The code we use is minimal, table-less, and of the highest quality. Plain and simple, our websites are built for performance, speed, and conversions to keep your visitors on your site longer.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media is ever-growing and is a vital marketing tool for success. We will create a company page on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and any other Social Network that would be beneficial to your particular company or niche.  We will manage these pages, post content and images, grow followers and fans, and boost engagement. The content we post will be syndicated across 49 social networks to broadcast your messages, build brand awareness, and increase popularity. This will increase credibility, create a sense of trust, and increase traffic back to your site.

Search Engine Optimization

Want to get your website ranked on the very first page of Google to rake in more traffic to your site? We’re not talking AdWords or Paid Ads, we’re talking about permanent ranking on the top 10 of search engines to exponentially increase your site’s visitors. We’ll research keywords with the highest search volume for your particular niche, then rank your website on the top 10 of search engines for these search terms to increase organic traffic. This is the best type of traffic because they are individuals that are genuinely interested in what you’re offering!

Online Reputation Management

If your company has negative or bad reviews online, we build sites that have positive reviews, post positive reviews for your site/company, and push the good positive rankings up in the search engines. This will ultimately build credibility for your site, and establish trust with your prospective clients. This can work from scratch to build good reviews for your site as well!

Mobile App Development

We offer iPhone and Android Application Design and Development. We aren’t limited to the types of Applications we can design – if you can think it, we can probably make it! First we’ll create an iPhone or Android Application based on your requirements and specifications. After it’s completed, we can also launch it in the Application Stores for both Google Play and Apple App Store for millions to view. This is a great way to showcase your idea and also bring in extra revenue if it’s a Paid Application.

Affiliate Marketing

We will set a % of sale for other people to receive if they sell your product. For example, if you are selling a product for 19.99 and want 9.99 out of the sale, we can set your product up in affiliate networks and get strong affiliates to sell your product for $19.99 and keep $9.99 per sale, leaving you with the amount you wanted per sale, and having an automatic sales team for your site.

Paid Acquisition

AdWords, Facebook Ads, Mobile Ads, and more! If you have a product that you want to sell and are willing to pay for the acquisition, we will create campaigns for your product which are highly targeted and have a great ROI. This process is based on statistics and can be perfected very quickly. First we create and test for the highest performing banner ads and keep varying our cost per click till the CPA (cost per acquisition) can be gauged correctly. Then we can scale the campaign larger knowing it has a positive ROI. For example, we will know when we spend XXX on a paid acquisition campaign, we achieve XXXX in revenue.

Bring Back Lost Customers

When visitors leave your site without converting they will see your AD’s on whatever sites they visit after, until they convert into a sale or lead. Have you ever seen Dog Food ads after you search the internet for Dog Food? This is the same concept, except with your site/business!

E-Mail Marketing

This is one of the more powerful forms of marketing and should be done constantly to keep your “list” engaged. In order to build a list, we implement the above methods along with capture forms. We engage in e-mail drip sequences with every new individual that comes in to keep them engaged. We monitor the success of these campaigns by Open Rate and CTR (Click Through Rates). By constantly keeping you list engaged with free content and tips, you will have a high response rate and boost engagement, ultimately convincing your customers that you’re an authority, are credible, and are worthy of their purchase!

E-Commerce Development

Creation of an online storefront, user management integration, shopping cart, shipping and order fulfillment automation, and more. If you have products or want to sell things online, this is the way to go.

Digital Advertisement

We have a great team of designers that can design almost anything you can think of. We create Banners, Ads, Icons, Photo Re-Touching, Custom Stationery, Business Cards, Logo’s, and much more. If you require something graphic related, don’t hesitate to ask us!

Landing Page Optimization

We know how import conversions are to revenue growth and increasing sales. We create perfectly optimized landing pages designed for conversions. In addition, we offer split testing to test which version of your page has a higher conversion rate month over month. Once there is no different in the split test results, we know your conversion rate is at it’s maximum and your page is optimized for sales or lead generation!


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