Our Honest First Hand Review of Bidsketch.com

After 15 years of being in business and using over a dozen of various proposal template services for our sales team to use to acquire new clients, we finally came across Bidsketch.com and their online proposal service and decided to give it a try.

Right off the bat, the learning curve was much faster then we anticipated and in less then a week our entire sales team was well versed in how to create custom proposals on the fly.

The most impressive feature that helps not only the sales team but our operations team is the tracking and analytics that come integrated into Bidsketch’s proposal templates. As a result, our team now has much greater insight on the interaction between the prospective client and the proposal they sent them. Long gone are the days where are sales team would scratch their heads and wonder if the client received their proposal, viewed it or didn’t receive it all together!

In addition to the tracking and analytics offered, Bidsketch already comes loaded with dozens of template proposals ranging from SEO, Web Design, Digital Marketing, Consulting and more.

Furthermore you also have the ability to customize the templates and add and remove sections per your needs. No coding knowledge is required for the customization as it is a simple visual drag and drop editor making it a breeze for any sales associate to customize their proposals for their prospective clients.

It even gets better because Bidsketch allows you to integrate over half a dozen tools and apps. A few examples are Zapier, Salesforce, Basecamp and Freshbooks. As a result of these integrations, you are armed with a turn-key solution for all your billing, project management and CRM needs.

The most priceless feature is that proposals can be instantly electronically signed and accepted by the client. This eliminates the need for our sales team to send over a separate proposal which not only takes more time but also creates further steps for clients to sign up. The streamlined solution that Bidsketch provides is par none compared to others we have tried in the industry.

Prior using Bidsketch, our sales process consisted of several documents, order forms and proposals for the client to get started. As a result our sales team was always faced with a longer sales cycle as compared to Bidsketch which helps expedite the entire process in a professional and elegant manner.

Although we have only been using Bidsketch for a few weeks now, we have already seen the vast increase in our sales pipeline due to the turn-key process and ease of use that is provided to our sales team, accounting team and project management team.

Given this, I feel extremely optimistic that Bidsketch will allow us to scale up our agency much faster then ever before due to all the features mentioned above.

At this rate and based on our current experience, we are quite certain that not only will we be using Bidsketch as our sole proposal software but also upgrading to the larger plan as our agency grows. The larger plans do include additional features such as real time collaboration and team management.

My only regret as an owner of our agency is that we did not find this wonderful service earlier. If we had, then I am more than certain that our agency would have 2-3x more clients then we currently have.

My final thoughts and feedback for anyone on the fence about Bidsketch is to simply give it a trial run as Bidsketch offers a 14 day trial which is more than enough time to see the wonderful features it has and the value add provided versus the other key players in the industry.

In regards to the pricing, it is beyond reasonable and even though we are on the Solo package, we still have the ability to send unlimited proposals and have no cap on how many clients we we can send out to.

As the owner and founder of our agency, I highly recommend this SAAS proposal service from Bidsketch and would be more than happy to provide any further testimonials is needed! 🙂

Warm Regards,

Keyan Taji

CEO and Founder